About MiniMagTrays

MiniMagTRAY have been designed to allow troops to remain on the movement tray whilst in combat. Magnetised, low-profile and rimless allows troops to get into base to base contact whilst still allowing for flexible positioned unconstrained by rim.

MiniMagTray: The what and the why...

Fully magnetic trays: Made of high grade, precision cut steel the trays are fully magnetic to allow your magnetised troops a surface to really stick too.

No RIM! Finally, no rim around your troops. This allows your troops to get into base to base contact with the enemy. No more ‘counts as contact’ but correct placement of your troops in the combat phase without the need to remove your tray to do it.

Low profile. Steel means thin and strong. Profile less than 1mm means that they can easily stack on top of each if the situation calls for it.

Practically invisible when in use. We don’t really want to see the movement tray, it’s the models we want to see. Low profile, no rim and practically invisible when in use. This delivers this like no other design.

Ready to use. MiniMagTRAY are ready to use. No building, gluing or painting required to use. Just magnetised models and your ready to go. Don’t worry if you’ve never magnetised an army.

It’s easy, we will show you how.

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How to Magnetise my Models

Follow the directions on the “how to” section.

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Seeing is not always believe!

Take a look at our almost INVISIBLE trays.