About our products

How we can help you improve your game.


How durable are they?
MiniMagTRAY have been designed to the highest tolerance. Made of a strong carbon steel they are easily able to withstand the rigours of the battlefield.

What is the finish like?
MiniMagTRAY are treated by a high tech metal oxidation process to give a dark surface finish. Slight variations in colour and texture are expected in the process. The metal is protected from rust and further oxidation by this process.

Will my existing magnets by useable for these trays?
As long as you have a good bond with the tray they should work perfectly for you. Additional magnets are easy to apply for heavier models.

What if I’m not happy with them?
Here at MiniMagTRAY.co.uk only want you to enjoy your product. If you’re not happy, ordered the wrong thing or have simply changed your mind then we offer a full no quibble refund 2-week money back guarantee.
Please contact us with quoting the order reference number via the “Contact Us” link.