Magnetise my Models

The process of magnetising models is very easy and something wargamers have been doing for many years. Follow these simple steps for the perfect bond between magnet and MiniMagTRAY.
  1. Place magnet onto flat suface (yes you MiniMagTRAY will do).
  2. Using hot glue gun squirt liberal amount into your models base.
  3. Carefully push model base onto magnet. Try and get magnet in centre of glued region.
  4. Leave to cool.
  5. Carefully remove model (and glued magnet) from base by sliding off. This can be a little stiff so be careful not to damage model.
  6. Apply a small dab of strong glue (Superglue or mitre bond are perfect). Leave to dry.
  7. Your ready for the battlefield. Enjoy a truly unique tabletop experience as you effortlessly slide across the table.